Videos of Simone

Simone “The Arabian Princess.”

Simone will take you on an enchanting journey through time.
The artistic dance performance (in part or in whole) is her personal interpretation of that journey.
Starting with the Pharaonic Era in with the “Isis Wings” dance.
Sweeping through the Arabian Desert with the “Bedouin Sword” or “Khaliji” dance.
Stopping by the side of the Nile to quench your thirst with a “Baladi” or “Cane” dance.
The Arabian Princess will mesmerize you with her “1001 Arabian Nights” or the “Dance of the Seven Veils”.
Arriving at our destination together in the Modern Era, she will perform “Cabaret”, or “Fusion” styles of dance.

Throughout this journey, Simone will hypnotize you with her hips!

Simone Compilation at The Palm Garden
Simone Belly Dancing Commercial


The proper way to tip a belly dancer is to either “Shower” the tip over the top of her head or, to lay the money on the ground at her feet.

Like a Goddess when she dances with the Isis Wings

Simone, The Arabian Princess, never fails to entertain!