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Messages from Simone Belly Dancing’s Fans

Savannah Watson – Event Planner San Jose Country Club

Abie Bakhshizad

Simone Performed at San Jose Country Clubs Morocco/Arabian Nights Themed Fund Raising Banquet

Simone performed at Alec’s Sports Bar and Banquet

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Another Testimonial From Guests at a Simone Belly Dancing Show

Elyse G. Via Yelp

Guest Testimonial

This Testimonial Was Recorded at Alec’s Sports Bar and Banquet

 I recently attended a belly dancing workshop, and it was an absolutely incredible experience! This was, by far, the best dance class I have ever participated in.

  The instructor was amazing. Not only is she an exceptionally talented dancer, but she also has a wonderful ability to make the movements easy to follow for everyone in the class. Her teaching style is engaging and accessible, making even the most complex steps feel manageable.

What truly set this workshop apart was the instructor’s dedication to providing a comprehensive understanding of belly dancing. She shared fascinating insights into the history of this beautiful dance form and gave an overview of the music that accompanies it. This added context enriched the learning experience and deepened our appreciation for the art of belly dancing.  

I had so much fun during the class, and I am already looking forward to signing up for additional lessons. If you’re considering trying out belly dancing, I wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with this instructor. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss! 

Review by Jenn Mims

Jenn Mims recently attended one of Simone’s Beginner Belly Dancing Workshops