About Simone


Simone, “The Arabian Princess” is an international performer in Raqs-Sharqi, the Oriental Dance of the East, known in the West as “belly dancing”. She is a very well respected and recognized Artist, distinguishing herself from other dancers in her style and how she tells the history of the dance. 

Residing in Jacksonville, FL, Simone was born and raised in Lebanon. Her first memory as a child was dancing. She began learning Raqs-Sharqi at an early age. Her faithful devotion to this form of Art resulted in several TV appearances like the Oscar award-winning Discovery Channel documentary “Spies in Washington”, portraying the famous belly dancer Mata Hari.


Simone has been showcased in several television interviews and performances as well as local newspapers and magazines. She has performed with international stars such as, Faris Karam, and Faysal Al-Wazany. Simone has also performed on Carnival Cruise Line, the Manhattan Short Film Festival, the Egyptian Exhibit at the Cummer Museum, The Festival of the Nile, The world of Nations Festival, and many social events, charities, and various functions. 

Simone is currently working on a new production showcasing the history of Raqs-Sharqi. Her unique theatrical performances will take the audience on a mystical and mesmerizing journey of dance through thousands of years. Simone’s distinctive dances are personal interpretation of the traditional stories of the Pharaonic Era, the Dances of the Sultans (1001 Nights), and the Seven Veils dance.